Who is LLS Leaflet Delivery?                                                                                           

We are a door to door leaflet distribution company operating in Leyton (E10), LeytonStone(E11) and Stratford (E15)

Our leaflet delivery services were born out of the frustation of having wasitng thousands of pounds on leaflet delivery companies and later find out that our property business leaflets were not properly distributed.

So we set up our structure to deliver our leaflets in 27000 houses in Leyto (E10), Leytonstone (E11) and Stratford (E15) postcodes.

What do we offer?                                                                                                          

We offer to delivery your leaflet with the leaflet from our property business. This means your leaflet will arrive together with our property business one. I.e. just to leaflets together rather than several leaflets arriving at the same time.

How do we know that the leaflets are delivered?                                                      

First off all your leaflet will be delivered with our own. And it is on our interest of our property business that our leaflet is delivered.

With that on mind we do several checks to confirm the delivery of the leaflets. We will not publicise them over the internet (for obvious reasons), but are happy to discuss them over the phone with you.

How much will the delivery cost me?                                                                          

We charge £30 pounds per 1000 leaflets delivered. If you do a quick resarch on the internet you will see that is the price charged by companies who delivers 4 leaflets at the same time not 2 as we offer. Further on our major revenue comes from our property business hence we can afford to take just one client and focus on the fact that the leaflets are delivered. Firstly because this is the main interest of our property bussiness, second to keep you leaflet delivery clients happy.

How long does it take to deliver the leaflets?                                                            

I will take maximal 2 weeks to have a 27000 leaflet batch delivered.


Then call us on 07894164066